Author Topic: Rewarding Good Students - Call for Papers  (Read 8864 times)

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Rewarding Good Students - Call for Papers
« on: Apr 30, 2013, 03:29 pm »
It seems unfair to unleash strict penalties for poor scholarship without something nice to balance it out. As much as we'd like to discourage bad students from abusing our website, we also want to support the good students out there who are working to improve our collective knowledge as an industry.

Therefore, consider this an open, ongoing call for papers. We're starting our own scholarly journal. It will be an online publication available for PDF and ebook download published *probably* twice a year featuring up to 10 of the best papers on stage management.

We would like to be equal-opportunity here, so here's the breakdown. Ideally each issue will feature:
  • 3 of the best essays from high school students
  • 3 of the best essays from college undergrads
  • 3 of the best essays from graduate students
  • 1 doctoral thesis (if available)
We may have fewer articles per issue but will probably not have more than 10.

  • Rolling submission deadlines are January 31 and July 31 annually. This should give you time to polish up those end-of-semester projects for publication.
  • Submissions must be properly sourced and footnoted.
  • Submissions must use proper grammar and spelling. We reserve the right to edit the essays for grammar & spelling if needed.
  • Essays that are more than 6 months old are fine as long as the information within is still pertinent.
  • Written Non-fiction only. No scripts, poems, short stories, other works of fiction, and no multimedia.
  • We do not pay out to authors and we do not charge for copies. The SMNetwork journal is merely to get your research exposed to readers who could actually benefit from it.
  • If you use SMNetwork to do research for an essay, you must follow our rules or your essay will not be considered for inclusion.
  • Preference will be given to essays with endorsement from a faculty member or advisor.
  • If your essay is to be published/has been published in other journals you must still have copyright to it. The journal will be published using Creative Commons Attribution/No Derivs licensing. Please notify us in your cover email if it will be included in any other journals.
Submit your essays for review to Acceptable formats are Word, OpenOffice and PDF.

Also - if you would like to be on the editorial board for the journal please let me know.