SMNetwork tends to get a lot of requests from student stage managers seeking  professionals to interview or poll for classwork.  Students are certainly welcome here and we are happy to help you learn more about stage management.  However, as our hospitality has been abused time and again by less-than-gracious students, we've had to restrict our help to those who abide by our rules.

Egregious violations of the following policies for students will result in an immediate six month ban without warning and a notice to the faculty of your school about your behavior.

1. All school projects must be posted to the Homework Help board.   This includes interview requests, poll requests, research projects, classroom assignments, graduate and doctoral theses - anything that requires using our member base as your research pool.  Requests of this nature that are posted anywhere else on the site will either be moved to the Homework Help board if you have enough posts, or else deleted.  If we discover retroactively that you are posting for help with a school assignment without disclosing as much, your entire thread may be deleted outright at the discretion of an individual moderator.

2. You will not be able to post to the Homework Help board until you've contributed to the site for a while.  We want to help out people who will help us out in return.  SMNetwork is a community based on the contributions of all of its members.  We are not interested in helping people who come in, milk us for answers and then vanish, never to be seen again.  You will need to make at least five valid posts to the site before you will be able to post here.

3. Be polite.  In the event that a working professional agrees to do an interview with you, please bear in mind that they are doing so out of the goodness of their hearts and are under no obligation to respond within any particular timeframe.  Do not expect to get any answers.  Do not throw tantrums if nobody responds.  Do not bump your post to get it to the top of the board.

4. Be flexible. Some prefer to use email, phone and Skype. Others prefer to post their replies to the Homework Help board so that the work they do in answering your questions can be helpful to others who come after you.

5. Work harder than we do. We are here to provide you with a professional perspective. If we answer questions, it is to provide knowledge that you would not be able to otherwise obtain as a student. We will not do the entire assignment for you.

6. Don't spam us.  Please do not send email or PMs to members of the site with unsolicited requests for interviews,  research contributions or other assistance with your schoolwork.  Keep it to the public boards unless you are invited to make private contact.

7. Be a good ambassador for your school.  Professionals form opinions of a school's theatre department based on the behavior of its students.  If you are disrespectful, we will assume that all students from your school program are equally disrespectful.  We will report your behavior to the dean of students or your principal.  Bad behavior from our student members can result in a ban of not only you, but every single user from your school.

8. Plan ahead and get creative.  We've seen a lot of questions since the site got started in 2000.  Many of them were exactly the same.   Please plan ahead with your questions.  Check the list of questions we don't want to see.  Search the site for answers that may already be here. For an idea of the quality level we expect, check this list of better project ideas.

9. Be correct. Your success as a stage manager will depend heavily on your ability to communicate properly in writing. That means grammar, spelling and professional vocabulary. Do a first draft and final draft of your request. Proof it and edit it. Have a friend with good writing skills look it over for you. Slapdash requests full of txtspeak make us reluctant to help you find your way to join us as a professional. Stage managers spend their whole lives planning. We can tell if you do not.