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A little about your other moderator
« on: Apr 15, 2008, 12:39 am »
Greetings all,

I would just like to add a little bit about myself and my thoughts on the SM Network.

A bit about me:

I'm currently working in the cruise industry in the U.S. on the technical side of entertainment.  I am a stage manager by trade and education, though my career seems to have taken me more towards the technical side.  I have experience as a stage manager and production manager in the cruise industry, as well as land based stage management and event management.  I tend to prefer larger, more technically complex shows, and have used a lot of the very new, fun toys in our industry; naturally, this specific board is of great interest to me.

My views on SM Network:

I view the SM Network as an outstanding resource for people from all backgrounds and experience levels.  I do view this network as a professional forum, and would encourage everyone to treat it as such.  A good rule of thumb is don't post anything here you wouldn't be perfectly comfortable saying or writing to a colleague or employer in the industry.  Please use spell check, proper grammar, and a professional and courteous tone.

I know we'll all agree that this is a fabulous resource, and I encourage each of you to continue to contribute to discussions.  If you have anything you'd like to see added to this board please send a PM to Mac or I.  See you all around the boards!


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