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Welcome to SM Network!
« on: May 25, 2009, 11:36 am »
Hello and Welcome!

Whether you have just discovered the Network for the first time or whether you are a long time lurker (a status confessed to by many first time posters on this board!) please consider introducing yourself here :)

If it seems scary, take a deep breath and do it anyway. Now. Today. Why not?

We are, in general, a friendly bunch of people. (After all how many stage managers are NOT 'people people'?) We love to know even a little something about you. We love to help solve your problems, to listen to your woes and to celebrate your successes with you. But we can't do any of those things if you are just a name on the members list or an unidentified 'Guest'.

If you are a regular visitor to these Boards without posting at all I imagine you must be finding the site helpful or rewarding in some way. Maybe you have found information you needed? Or you enjoy the posts of certain members? Or perhaps you just feel better when you feel connected to others whose experiences mirror your own? I did, and felt, all those things long before I pressed "post" on my own introduction.

But I can also tell you from my own experience that if you give SM Network the chance to know you, your voice will be welcomed and the Network will be strengthened, and I will be very surprised if you don't get even more out of your membership.

Don't know what to write?

Tell us about your experiences, or about the experiences you'd like to have, as a stage manager. Tell us where you are from and where you are going. Tell us what you love about stage managing, or if its that sort of a day, tell us what you hate about it! Tell us what got you started or why you stopped. Tell us your favourite colour or who you most admire. Tell us anything you like! But the more you share, the more your fellow stage managers will be likely to connect with your story.

And now for your moderator's special request
Please try to give your intro post a more imaginative 'subject' line than "newbie here" (or variation on that theme). Go on. Let your imagination run wild. Surprise me. Or at the very least include the name of your town or region, or the type of stage management you do, or some other specifc in the title.

Wherever you are and whatever your age or level of experience, welcome. I hope to be reading YOUR introduction soon.

Moderator - Introductions
Former Stage Manager of theatre, dance, opera, bald men in shop windows, circus, 2 musicals, festival clubs, puppetry, and a strange show on a bus, now turned not for profit producer working with independent theatre and dance artists in Australia ( see its not that hard to write about yourself ) .
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