Author Topic: Forms section upgrade, March 11, 2011  (Read 10629 times)

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Forms section upgrade, March 11, 2011
« on: Mar 12, 2011, 12:10 am »
By special request, the forms section of SMNetwork has been completely reformatted.  Extraneous junk has been removed, all categories have been condensed onto one page in alphabetical order, and the individual category pages have been redone to make it easier to find good stuff to download.

Additionally, ODT and ODS (openoffice formats) have been added as acceptable file extensions given the pervasiveness of Openoffice.

Links to the Forms area have been added to BOTH navigation bars.

Rules about posting forms have been condensed into one rulesheet and moved to the Rules area.

Back in 2000 this site was actually started so that I could access my own forms as I freelanced around the city. It's time to get back to our roots a bit.  I'd love to see more forms contributed to SMNet, so I'm lampshading this feature a bit.

Please note that with the streamlining of the Forms section I've created one category for form requests.  Please upload requested forms to their appropriate categories, NOT to the form request category.

Bugs? Questions? Confused as to what on earth happened here? Send me a PM!

Thanks all!
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