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The Suppliant Women (Ęschylus) - United Players
Kit List:
Med Kit:
-Small plasters
-Large plasters
-Knuckle plasters
-Callous cushions
-Second-skin patches
-Newskin paint
-Cloth medical tape (if I try to keep the plastic kind in my med kit it invariably transforms by magic into mic tape)
-Gauze pads
-Cotton makeup rounds (for applying topicals - lidocaine, witchhazel)
-Thermometer sleeves
-Snub scissors
-Alcohol wipes
-Chemical ice-packs
-Chemical heat-packs
-Coagulant packs
-Eye drops (NOT Visine)
-A days-of-the-week medication-organiser with labels on each compartment for
-Dayquil (It seems dumb to have Both, but I've had actors who reacted to dayquil like it was meth, and some who reacted to nyquil like it was horse tranqs. You just don't know)
-A sheet listing the counterindications/interactions for each of the above.

Mending Kit:
-Broad rainbow of cotton (spooled onto sewing-machine bobbins to save space)
-Retractable measuring tape
-Pin cushion with a wrist strap
-Vial with small needles
-Vial with darning needles
-Snaps and hooks/eyes - small and large each, black and white each
-Coils of black and white elastic
-Strips of black and white velcro
-Bag of assorted buttons
-Safety pins, three sizes, black (if I could find matte white safety pins I would Pounce!)
-Double sided garment tape

Book Kit:
-Scotch tape
-Stick-style staple puller
-3 hole punch
-Mechanical pencils (nice, Mine)
-Mechanical pencils (cheap, for sharing)
-Erasable pens, several colours
-Standard pens, black
-Sharpies (black, red, and silver)
-Sticky tabs
-Binder clips
-Scale rule
-Legal pad
-.5cm graph paper pad
-Lockbox for sensitive forms (I want to have their medical forms with me at all times, but I don't want to risk a snoop seeing shit they shouldn't)
-Punch-hole reinforcers

I don't use coloured flags/dots anymore since I discovered the magic of coloured erasable pens. Just as movable when you want to move your mark, and no danger of them falling off.

Tool Kit:
-Multi-pliers - I love these, the handles flip to show either the snub- or the needle-nose plier head, and there re side-cutters embedded on the needle- side, and wire strippers on the snub- side.
-Rubber mallet
-Gorilla wood glue
-4x pairs of bar-clamp ends (basically bar clamps without the bar, so you just grab a broomhandle or whatever, slip them on, and voila you've got a big ass barclamp)
-Spring-clamps, various sizes
-Line tester
-E-tape (Red, black, blue, white)
-Spike (1/4, red, yellow, green, blue)
-Clear hockey tape
-x2 100' Measuring tapes (for triangulating)
-'26 measuring tape (for any day other than tape-out or load-in, because those '100 fuckers are bulky)
-Black sash cord
-Glue gun
-Glue sticks
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