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Birmingham, Alabama
Current Gig:
Company Stage Manager, Alabama Ballet
Kit List:
Spike Tape, Gaff Tape, Marley Tape, Scotch Tape, Electrical Tape, Floral Tape, Athletic Tapes, Rosin and boxes, First Aid Galore. Ice Packs, Heat Packs, Tiger Balm, Cough Drops, Kleenex. Pickle Juice and Soy Sauce Packets for muscle cramps, Saltines, Sugar packs, mini-dixie cups, BATTERIES, Sharpies, Pilot V-5 Pens, Pencils & Sharpener, Colored Highlighters, Post It Flags, Furniture Sliders, Painter's Tape, Trashbags, Ziplocks, Ticky-Tac, Pushpins, Safety Pins, Bobby Pins, Nail Polish Remover, Nail Clippers, Nail File, Double Sided Tape, Moleskin, Hair Brush, Hair Spray, Disposable Razors, Contact Solution, Bug Spray, Hand Sanitizer, Flashlights, Kneepads, Sunglasses, Blank CDs & DVDs, Jewel Cases, Jump Drives, UVA Cords, UVG Cords, IPOD Cords, Walkie Talkies, Extension Cord, Lighters, Multi-tool, Scissors, Stapler/Staples, Binder Clips, Phone Chargers, Lip Balm, Gum, Instant Coffee, Denatured Alcohol, Shout Wipes, Copy paper and Card Stock, Blank Birthday & Thank You Cards, Wrapping Paper, Tissue Paper, Gorilla Glue, E-6000, Qtips, Sheet Protectors, PediaLyte, ClipBoards, Directional Signs, Dressing Room Signs, EMG Contact Info, Pillow, Blanket, Easy Mac, Headphones, Tie Line, Mini space heater, Cake Cutting Knife, Paper Plates & Utensils, Cooler, Portable Coffee Station, Microwave, Mini Fridge (Sometimes), Boombox
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Aug 28, 2014, 11:25 am
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Oct 27, 2020, 02:34 am
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