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Toronto, ON
University of Guelph
Current Gig:
Production Manager- Roseneath Theatre
Kit List:
gaff, e, muffler, spike, masking, washi, glow- tape
needles, thread in every colour in the show, iron on interfacing in white and black, nude lycra, leather thimble, spray startch, baby wipes, stain remover tide to go, pins, safety pins-wardrobe
headlamp, maglight (mini with gels), c-wrench, needle nosed pliers, leatherman wave (with additional screwdriver bits), robson bits in 8 and 10 for electric drills, extra of all the hardware in the show, 50' tape measure, 2 25' tape measures, measuring tape, -tools
signage for theatres (washrooms, wardrobe, ladies and gentlemen dressing rooms, to stage, arrows, stage left and stage right
extra copies of all paperwork in show (fly cue sheets, backstage running, cue sheets, contracts etc)
first aid--all of the things
stationary- pencils, pens, paper, postits, POST IT FLAGS and highlighters (in matching colours of course), blank show reports, blank rehearsal reports, more sharpies
assorted hair ties, bobby pins, makeup sponges, kleenexes and other things dancers have left behind in dressing rooms over the years!
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