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Homework Help / Re: Hello! I could use your expert help.
« on: Dec 08, 2010, 04:53 pm »
I am looking for a persons specific life story- the way they look at all of these questions together.

Homework Help / Hello! I could use your expert help.
« on: Dec 08, 2010, 02:49 pm »
Hello All!

I am currently a theatre student in New York, taking a stage management class.

I have some questions for those of you who have professional stage management experience! Any answers are helpful, and a complete set is even better! I need to present an interview with a stage manager, and this would really help me out. Thanks!

1.What is it that motivated you to become a stage manager?
- What was your theatre background before stage management? (if any)
- Did you always know you wanted to become a stage manager, or did the career find you?

2. Did you attend grad school?
-Would you recommend it?

3. What are some of the places you have worked?
-any horror stories? Fun stories?

4. What motivates you every day?
-Is a love of theatre key?

5. What are some skills you think are essential to good work as a stage manager?

6. Has finding work been difficult?
-do you think this corresponds to your city/ area? Experience level?
-How much is who you know? What you know?
 what are some recommendations for looking for stage management jobs?

7. Are you part of a union?
-How soon after school would your recommend joining a union? Would you recommend it at all?

Any other insight would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you, again!

EDIT: Moved from Intros to   Homework Help.  Please note that as of right now this member has not yet made it to the five-post minimum, and therefore is not eligible for Homework   support.  Once he makes a few more posts, I will unlock this thread. - PSMK

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