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Introductions / Dance (and theatre) SM
« on: Mar 06, 2020, 06:22 pm »

  I am a dance SM with a strong base in theatre.  A few years ago I realized that, while I love theatre and still do work in it, dance suits me well.  I like the shorter rehearsal process for me, and learning movement-based cues.  I currently work with a company that uses live musicians for most of their shows and they have been very patient while I learn to count music.  I feel better about my counting skills because the dancers and musicians often count songs differently (ie: one group counts in fours while the other is counting in eights).

  I did a show last season where we had a mix of the live band and recorded music.  I had to run Qlab because one of the cues went from the live music to recorded on a count and it had to be timed perfectly.  I'm not saying I was nervous about it - but I most definitely sweated through my shirt every night.

  I have started bringing in young SMs to shadow me for shows to try and bring more SMs into the dance community in my city.  I am always open for a chat about Dance vs Thetare SM-ing, as the worlds are very different, and I am happy to share what I have learned.

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