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I am a student studying performance production and concentrating in stage management at an all arts college, and I am just finishing up my sophomore year. The past two years have been a mixed bag of feelings towards college. I love my classes and my professors, and I've only excelled since being here. On the other hand, the few people in my department that I share most of my classes with have been nothing but verbally abusive, rude, and unprofessional towards me. It has reached a point were friends in the theatre department have approached me and said that my peers in my department are telling others not to let me work on their productions. The past two semesters have been a constant struggle, and dealing with this on a daily basis have just brought out my anxiety and depression.

In a professional setting, I would have no problem facing this head on, but coming at it as a student, I feel conflicted. When it comes to school, I have always been put in a position where I have to deal with being put down by my peers constantly, and I feel like this is just becoming a waste of time and money. I have already spent at least 70k on this school, and I donít know if I should continue.

These are my options, and I would appreciate any advice and input that you all have.
1.   Continue attending my current college
2.   Drop out, work in the field in a local city back home
             a.   While doing this, possibly getting an online degree in another field   
                        as a backup, which would save me lots of money

Transferring is not really an option as of now. Itís too late to transfer for fall 2014, I donít want to transfer mid-year, and I feel like it would be dumb to transfer right before my senior year.

Thank you all in advance for your insight and help,


I'm currently in my sophomore year of college; I'm from the east coast (hour outside NYC) and I'm going to college in Seattle. More and more recently I've been feeling like getting a degree in stage management isn't worth the debt. I'm surrounded by all these rude, immature, and unprofessional "peers" and I just don't know what to do. I hate quitting things that I've started, but I feel like this is not going to be worth it in the end. I LOVE my school, but I really cannot stand 95% of the students I'm in classes with.

Advice? Words of encouragement?

- Emcee -

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