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Looking at 4 shows sharing the same stage floor in rep this summer with minimal time between performances of different shows (i.e. matinee to evening show). Currently pondering spiking furniture, props, etc. My first thought is just to assign specific colors to specific shows. Was wondering if the hive mind had any other options?


Stage Management: Other / Company Name Change
« on: Jan 27, 2021, 06:29 pm »
So I'm in the position where a company that I have an ongoing relationship with is rebranding, including a name change. The name change is not drastic, but it is nonetheless a change.

How would you approach this on your resume? Do you keep the old company name for the older productions and put it on the new shows moving forward? Do you change all the old show names as well? Another approach?

Hi all,
     Slight conundrum that I have found myself in. Moving into a new rehearsal space, the Senior Department Administrator (don't ask), said we can't use spike (the traditional cloth backed stuff) on their new floors because they don't want to ruin the finish. I've looked through the other forums here and have found suggestions to use other tape (ETape, Painters, Artist's Drafting tape), but haven't really found any completely different options (i.e. not tape), which is what I'm looking for to present as alternatives.

     I have though of/had suggested to me using a large piece of carpet to mimic the shape of the (very odd) deck, and Tyvek (the building wrapping stuff). I'm looking for other experiences/options. Thanks in advance!

Introductions / Hi All
« on: Nov 14, 2012, 02:06 pm »
Hey all,
     Long time reader of the board, and recently I've transferred into the BFA Stage Management program at Rutgers in New Jersey. A quick bite off of my theater background is that I've been involved backstage (never been onstage, and preferably will never be) since the 6th grade. Have been in various positions on SM teams basically since then including high school, and some community theater at college. I'm currently in tech as the ASM of Doubt: A Parable, we preview tonight, open tomorrow, and run this weekend.

     I transferred from Rutgers' IT program so I have a pretty large computer background and am constantly looking for ways to automate the process (on my mac) of paperwork, forms, and what not. I also worked around with a website (currently at because I like to code, it helps relieve the stress of life (kinda weird I know).

    So that's a quick picture of me, I'm excited for the things I'm going to learn at school in the coming 2.5 years before I graduate and the great people that I'm going to be able to work with. I'd also like to thank this board for being in existence because it's already saved my butt on more then one occasion, whether it be a form, or a more simple explanation of some odd concept. So that's all!

Hi all,
     I'm currently enrolled at a drafting course at my university as part of my stage management studies. We recently covered tools in class and a shape template was mentioned. I found this interesting because I tend to differentiate my cues in my book with shapes. After some research I found that templates come in a variety of shapes. However, most templates come with shapes of a bajillion different sizes and I'm only in need of one. After a lot of googling I have yet to find anything like this for stage managers.

     My question to the forum is if anyone has found anything like that, or has suggestions on how to make something like a shape template. My stage management class this semester has us making a fake book so I think this would be a perfect opportunity to try it out. Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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