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Attending school at: Eastern Michigan University
Instructor: Christine Tanner
Training level: Graduate
Project due date: March 1, 2011

Hi all!  As a part of my MFA thesis project, I am creating a guide for stage managing for youth theatre. 

My hope is to lessen the stress of the sometimes-intimidating journey of stage managing a room full of youth (casts of thousands!), communicating with parents in addition to the production team, and successfully getting a production from auditions to closing night.

So, here's the fun part:
I am collecting wisdom, ideas, suggestions, and experience in a survey.  It's ten questions long, and it is geared towards everyone who has worked in any capacity on a show with any number of young actors.  "Young actors" for this purpose are those ages 18 and younger.  I would love any and all responses you would be willing to provide.  Stories are welcome, if not encouraged!

Thanks in advance!

Here's the link:

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