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The Green Room / Your First Theater Crush
« on: Aug 23, 2013, 02:45 pm »
I recently read this article in the New York Times about what it was that first made you fall in love with theater. 

I paused to consider this myself: Is there a moment that began it all?  Can I point to an experience or conversation that began the fascination? 

Growing up my family did all kinds of little skits and puppet shows and watched lots of movie musicals.  So I could say that a love of theater was nurtured from childhood by my parents.  But if I had to pick an experience, I would say it was when my dad took me to see the national tour of Disney's Beauty and the Beast in Atlanta, Georgia at the Fox Theatre.  It was my first time in a performance space like the Fox and I was overwhelmed with the beauty of it.  As soon as the house lights dimmed and the overture began I was mesmerized, spell-bound for the entire show.  It is still my favorite show. 

Then, in my teens I was in a production of the Nutcracker.  I love dancing and enjoyed twirling to the classic music, but even then I got more enjoyment out of knowing that things were going smoothly backstage because I was also helping with props and quick changes.  I have always loved to create and I think that theater gives me room for my imagination to run wild and to be with other creative people and share in the joy that our work brings to others. 

How about you?  What was your first "theater crush?" 

The Green Room / Creative help: Peter Pan crew T-shirts
« on: Jun 07, 2012, 01:18 pm »
We are gearing up to do Peter Pan...opening in 2 weeks!  We just finished our flying rehearsals and we have a really great crew running it this year.  So as a thank you I want to get them all black T-shirts that say something fun and clever about being Peter Pan flight operators...only I can't think of anything besides, "Pan Flight Crew," which sounds like they work for an airline. 
So I am asking if anyone can help me out with some nifty ideas or if you have seen something like this before. 

Thanks!  :)

Split from topic SHOWS:  Peter Pan,3360.0.html -Rebbe

Also, with a permanent install, you're restricted to only flying people the way the system was set up for - which would quickly get pretty boring and I suspect you would end up flying people just because you can, rather than because the show really does call for it.  Much better to hire a flying rig that is spec'ed for the show you're doing and tailored to the needs of the show, rather than only being able to fly them in one way.

If you buy the system that he is talking to Dr. Hall about, The "DAT" System, it pays for itself quick.  It is also configurable to over 30 different effects.  As well as shift on the fly mechanical advantage.  Once you buy this system you can do everything from Peter pan to Dracula and everything in between.  Also, you can give a repair and maintenance contract to the flying company and they will make all the fixes.  And if you use Hall Associates, they are really cool about helping you out.  I also recommend going to NAAFED (North American Association for Flying Effects Directors)  Its a 2-3 day rigging seminar for flying effects equipment.  They get flying directors from all over to teach how to rig flying effects and choreography.  If you have any questions on it call 1-888-FLY-HALL 

I wanted to revive a portion of this thread as I am currently researching which will be better for our theater: purchasing equipment to fly people or renting it. 

I know next to nothing when it comes to flying people, except that you must have the proper equipment and trained operators and performers so it is as safe as possible.  Our director is interested in looking into this since we are doing 3 shows with flying in the next 12 months.  I have searched and come up with a list of what seems to be good companies and given that list to him (Foy, Fisher Technical, Hal Associates and ZFX).  But I wanted to ask you guys 1. if there were any others we should be looking at and 2. if anyone has anything to add to what has been said when you consider purchasing this equipment instead of renting.

At this point we are looking at a fixed track system.  The shows we have coming up are The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, and an Easter production (which may become an annual or bi-annual event).  We are located in North Carolina, though most companies seem to be more than willing to travel to you so that probably isn't a factor. 

 I look forward to reading whatever tidbits of wisdom y'all throw my way.  Thank you! 

Our local community theater recently performed The Diary of Anne Frank.  We had a very limited number of people helping backstage, so I was very involved in moving things during the scene changes.  There was a rather large kitchen table that had a green tablecloth added to it between the first and second scenes of Act I.  I found putting a table cloth on straight in the dark in a hurry to be rather difficult.  After trying several different methods, I settled on using 2 small safety pins on the upstage side of the tablecloth that go exactly over the corners of the table so I could go by feel.  It worked reasonably well, and no one but me ever said anything if it was less than perfectly straight. 

What are some of the most difficult things that had to be accomplished quickly in the dark during a show you worked?

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