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I just finished SMing my last show before graduation, and am currently on Spring Break. As I don't know what it actually means to take a break I am working on writing a play, and am having some trouble with the dramaturgy as I live in a small town and my theatre history books are at school. Do you know of any fairly reliable websites on French Theatre in the late 1800/early 1900's. (I can always double check facts later, but am looking for a broad overview.) I am particularly interested in how the Ministry was involved... I seem to remember something about that from Theatre History class, but can't remember details. Anyone up to jogging my memory? ???

Thanks so much! That makes sense... I sent my materials off yesterday.

Oooooook... How about a tie breaker, ladies & gentlemen?


Should or shouldn't Stage Manager or Stage Management be capitalized in a cover letter or approach statement?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks, and keep any other viewpoints on this coming.  :D

It makes sense... I guess the hard part is not making it too generic. There are tons of things that *everyone* does as SM, I suppose it's a writing challenge in that way...

So, I should put an overall "motto"/goal and then give examples of specific things I do or ways I handle things?

ACTF is the American College Theatre Festival...

Hoping someone with experience can point us in the right direction. :)

College and Graduate Studies / SM Approach Statement for ACTF
« on: Nov 04, 2006, 10:32 pm »
Does anyone know where to start on an Approach Statement ("A statement of the stage manager's stage management approach. Not to exceed one page.") for ACTF? Approach is such a broad word, I'm not really sure what to include. Any advice?

Thanks in advance  :)

Thanks for the replies so far, keep any other information coming. :) Thanks.

I am getting ready to apply for internships next summer. I've never done an internship before so I have a few questions... ??? Is it ok/normal to apply to many internships and if you're accepted for multiple, take the one you want? (At our college last year, everyone auditioned for the same local internship and got a part, but I want to venture out in the world.) Also, does anyone have any experience with SM internships, know where the good ones are, what to have in your application, etc? I'm also interested in dramaturgy so any internship where the two overlap would be great also. Any advice is appreciated. I have already found a good many on the web, but would like to hear from people with specific experiences.

and... Has anyone done a prompt book for ACTF? I didn't get to go to regionals last year, so I have never seen any examples. Mine already has the script (with blocking, etc.), rehearsal/production reports, any paperwork that is handed out/posted, draftings/concept statements, sign in/out sheets, etc. (It was mentioned by someone who went last year that some research might be included as well. I'm doubling as dramaturg for this show so I have plenty - if I do, what and how much do I include here?) Multimedia is also allowed if you have a laptop (I do) - what does that mean? Blank forms/show photos/???

Thanks in advance.

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