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Recently got asked to be a Production Manager for a theatre company that I usually SM for. Have worked as a PSM previously for smaller companies and the only difference I encountered was the management of budgets. Anything else I need to look out for?

Thanks in advance,

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Introductions / This is me.
« on: Oct 09, 2016, 06:35 pm »

Hey there, my name is Lauren and I am a 19 year old Stage Manager/Costume Mistress from Ireland. Honestly, I'm here to increase my SM knowledge in an attempt to bridge the cultural divide in information and job definitions.

In Ireland in the past few years the roles of SM, DSM and ASM blur together quite a lot and a PSM is usually your garden variety Production Manager. It's currently separating itself out once again and as such I want to ensure that my knowledge of each job and its parameters is more than sufficient.

I'm currently studying theatre with an equal focus on applied and tech and work quite heavily within my college and also within local community theatres as a Stage Manager and/or Costume Mistress. Depending on the job I have had between 3 to 8 people working under me so am used to delegating work and playing to peoples strengths.

I have done a few semi-professional shows and have shadowed multiple professional SMs and Production Managers during show runs as well as during the rehearsal process.

I thoroughly enjoy learning new information so any hints/tips people may have would be greatly appreciated  :)

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