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Its been over 10 years sine I've done it, but I remember lots of things like book bags, school books, notebooks, cell phones, basket balls (of course), cafeteria items, desks and chairs.  I would suggest reading through the script and making a list of items called for and then sitting down with your director and set designer (assuming you are SM-ing or Props) and have a conversation about items that they want / will need. 

The Hardline / Re: Rehearsals on preview days
« on: Jan 09, 2020, 10:24 pm »
If tickets are sold it is a performance, regardless of if it is called a "preview". 

Probably not helpful in your situation but we used unfired ceramic mugs with no liquid. This was a proscenium theater and we could throw them into a wall.

Employment / Re: Backdoor Reference Checks on ACTORS
« on: Mar 05, 2017, 10:56 am »
I've never heard a Company Manager doing it, but I have heard of Directors and Artistic Directors doing it (and quite frequently actually if they haven't worked with an actor.)

The Green Room / Re: Line Notes: How soon is too soon?
« on: Sep 29, 2016, 01:51 pm »
I am of the belief that it is never too early to give line notes if it is something that the actor keeps repeating regardless of whether they are still holding a script or not.  I also do not work at theaters that give "off-book" dates, as it is assumed that that is the goal as soon as possible. 

That being said, I worked with a director who was almost more "on book" than stage management and yes often it interrupted the flow of things.  However, their belief was that the text was the "bible" more or less, and they couldn't do their job to shape the show if what was spoken was not actually what was written. 

I tend to stick to the numbering. Creating a blank performance report that reads cancelled.  Mostly this is because, I have worked for theater companies that code the performances to track data and have been asked that the Performance Reports match so they can track trends.

The Green Room / Birth Order
« on: Jun 05, 2016, 05:32 pm »
From a conversation in my green room... I feel like this has been done before, but I couldn't find it. 

College and Graduate Studies / Re: Help Choosing University!
« on: Apr 12, 2016, 11:03 pm »
little worried what I could do with a Theatre Studies BA...

You can become a professional stage manager. If you are good you will get hired. If you network and put yourself out there, who knows where you will land.  Many people on this forum are 'just BA' stage managers, and I personally wouldn't have it any other way.

Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / Re: Mary Poppins HELP!
« on: Apr 11, 2016, 08:37 am »
When you say two story set, do you mean the main level of the house and the nursery as the second floor?  Or do you mean the nursery and a roof above? 

I've done MP once. About to do number 2.  Both sets, the nursery unit was separate from the house. The first version you could "ride up the chimney" to the roof of the nursery. The other is a roof top flat that flies in.

Re flying... Could you simplify it down to one track for both MP and Bert (not do the Pros walk)?

Hope that helps. I love MP. Feel free to PM if you have any other questions.


Tools of the Trade / Re: Hummus That Won't Stain?
« on: Mar 07, 2016, 05:42 pm »
Isn't a milk based product like sour cream just as bad?  Why not just purée a can of beans?  That can't be any worse than an oil or milk based product.

The Hardline / Re: Daylight savings & Rest Period
« on: Mar 04, 2016, 08:03 pm »
The last time I had this happen to me it was under a LORT contract, and yes you needed 12 actual hours.

Tools of the Trade / Re: Spiking astroturf/fake grass
« on: Oct 16, 2015, 08:09 pm »
When I had to spike on it, it was for items that were preset top of show, not a spike you had to find quickly in the dark.  We used silver paint pens and marked it on the black backing at the root of the grass.  It took a little digging to find in the beginning some days, but it never disappeared. 

The Hardline / Re: Visit from My AEA Business Representative
« on: Oct 14, 2015, 10:09 pm »
I believe the Deputy badges are a West Coast office thing...At least that's what I remember hearing during the few short years I was out in LA.  I've never seen them in the East or Central Regions.

I've never done site specific, but with a 13 page script could you turn the script so the page is running horizontally, put the script on one half of the page, diagram on the other half of the page?  Then use sheet protectors for humidity, write with Sharpie,  (It can be erased by a dry erase marker) and clipped to a clipboard?

The Green Room / Re: Yahoo Upgrade/Excel Gridlines
« on: Mar 21, 2015, 04:16 pm »
....or can you just paste it as a pdf...?

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