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Hi All,

So glad to have found this resource. Wish it was available when I was working professionally.

These days I belong to an amateur company called the Tower Theatre in London, N16. We're working on a production of "Three Birds" by Janice Okoh which will be part of Black History Month in the UK. We open on October 16th. One of the props I need to make, (And I say this as someone who used to specialise as a Deputy Stage Manager so my prop making skills have never been brilliant), is two realistic dead chickens, plucked but otherwise intact. I think the term used in America is 'broiler chicken'. I need to be able to cut the head off one of the chickens with a small amount of blood coming out.

Does anyone one have any tips. So far my best, and I'm using that word very loosely, is to cast a real chicken using silicone then use the cast as a mould. Does anyone have any better ideas???

Many thanks.

laura Corkell.

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