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Author Topic: SOFTWARE Round 4: Qlab vs Lightwright  (Read 5643 times)

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SOFTWARE Round 4: Qlab vs Lightwright
« on: Dec 11, 2014, 01:07 am »
Round 3 of the Software division featured some teams that courted the elite and skillful members of the industry who are willing to master some pretty dense software. Round 4 features similarly challenging digital tools, but in this case they are targeted specifically at the performing arts industry: Lightwright and Qlab. Of note, these teams are also the only two that do not have any true free alternative available for the services they provide.

As much as we would like both of these unique snowflake teams to continue on in the competition, only one will survive. Which will it be?

While some may call Lightwright more of an electrician's tool, understanding how it works is critical for canny stage managers on long runs. Its concise rendering of all the parts and movements of LX rig makes it a major part of any show, especially those on tour. When it comes to electrics Lightwright is the ultimate team manager, but can it hold its own against the overall managing power of....

This Baltimore-based little robotic wonder may raise some hackles as the sole Mac-only team competing in December Madness. Nevertheless, its power has made it possible for stage managers to singlehandedly (or even single-fingeredly) execute complicated tech for productions without the assistance of board ops. With the power to consolidate calling the show into a single "Go," Qlab's timecoding may eventually make that part of the gig obsolete. However, until it does, we can all enjoy its ability to get the mechanicals out of the way and let us pay attention to other aspects of show maintenance.

Match runs through midnight EST at the end of Sunday Dec 14.