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Altoid tins
« on: Sep 25, 2007, 08:59 am »
Altoid tins are very handy for Tech!  Check this out:

Altoid tins are the best thing ever for tech week - especially for busy ASMs running around backstage.  They can contain half sized post-its, safety pins, paper clips, etc.  You stick them in your pocket, and they are nice and compact, and keep everything sorted for you.

But, my favorite use for them is to precut glow-tape of various sizes, and put them in the tin.  Then, toss in a little bottle of gel type super glue and put it in there too.  Voila!  Next time you need glow tape, you whip out your nifty tin, pull out a precut piece of tape, peel of the annoying backing (which is always what takes the most time), and put a bitty drop of gel over the top!  The hot stage lights will dry that super glue lickety split. (The gel kind doesn't run as badly if you are putting it on a vertical surface).
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