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Merry Christmas, I'm Rosemary!introductionsRosie1741
SM at the BeachintroductionAmandaMG582825
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Understudy Rehearsal ReportunderstudyJustinJanke22728
Online Copies of Scriptsline notesvalerie.dien12018
Online Copies of Scriptsscriptsvalerie.dien12018
How to help actors be word-specific in line notes?actorsemilymdykhouse11245
How to help actors be word-specific in line notes?line notesemilymdykhouse11245
Archival/Designer Recordingequipmentmcyoung1103073
Archival/Designer Recordingvideomcyoung1103073
Archival/Designer Recordingarchivalmcyoung1103073
Archival/Designer Recordingrecordingmcyoung1103073
Archival/Designer Recordingrehearsalmcyoung1103073
Not allowed to use spike taperehearsalmizi562038320
Not allowed to use spike tapetaping outmizi562038320
Not allowed to use spike tapespike tapemizi562038320
Hello from LA!the dodgersSonnerRose14085
Hello from LA!stage managerSonnerRose14085
Hello from LA!hollywoodSonnerRose14085
Hello from LA!introductionSonnerRose14085

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