SMNetwork staff and administration adheres to the following policies regarding the privacy of its members and ownership of content:

Profile information
Any information that members make visible in their profile is accessible to the general public. Limited amounts of profile information are visible to the public under each members' username in their posts. Expanded information is visible only to registered members.

Members are reminded that as any member of the public may register for SMNetwork free of charge, any information entered into an SMNetwork profile may be visible to the public.  SMNetwork is heavily spidered by search engines and stored in internet archive repositories. Our existence as a long-standing reference site means that even very old posts are regularly reread. The Community Standards and Posting Etiquette guidelines in the Site Rules section have been designed to prohibit most embarrassing situations but please proceed with caution.

Content and copyright
SMNetwork claims no copyright or ownership of content generated by registered members, including admininstrators and staff. Members retain in perpetuity the reproduction and alteration rights to any information that they contribute to SMNetwork. Members may delete their own contributions at any time.

The site forum software, rubrics and layout are open source software under copyright of Simple Machines, LLC.  Reproduction in part or entirety of the SMNetwork software must include the Simple Machines copyright notice.

All permanent instructional information, including the text in the "Site Rules" section, the "Welcome to the site" personal message and "Been There Done That"/"BTDT" as it applies to collation of contract work are copyright 2001-2011 Cutefuzzy Multimedia, Inc.

Reproduction of SMNetwork Content
Any visitor wishing to reproduce SMNetwork content in print, web, live or broadcast format must first obtain permission from the user that created the content. This includes reproduction of text, use of forms and downloadable resources, use of screenshots and distribution of resumes stored in the resume browser.

Alteration of Content
Moderators and administrators have the ability to alter the posts of other members in order to retain compliance with the Community Standards, internet and professional etiquette, and to suit their own personal tastes. Each individual moderator is assigned one or several boards to patrol, within the bounds of which they have full discretion to alter or delete content as they see fit. Disputes over alteration or deletion of content should be directed first to the moderator in question and only escalated to the administration if no resolution can be found.

Email addresses
SMNetwork collects email addresses for the following purposes:

1. Notifying you if you have received new personal messages.
2. Notifying you of new information in topics you choose to follow.
3. Periodically sending you newsletters about major site events like upgrades and security issues if you choose to opt-in to receiving them.
4. Confirming that you have not accidentally registered for more than one account.
5. Cross-referencing against security databases to keep out spammers, harvesters and malicious robots.  Email addresses of positively-identified malicious users are submitted to security databases.

Under normal circumstances, SMNetwork and its staff does not distribute, sell or reveal or make public the email addresses of registered members. With the exception of moderating and administrative staff, members are encouraged to hide their email address from public view and are able to do so by adjusting their profiles.

SMNetwork administrators can view email addresses of all members regardless of if they are hidden or not. These email addresses will only be distributed when mandated by the laws of the United States, the state or city of Chicago, Illinois (home of SMNetwork's parent company) or the state or city of Dallas, Texas (home of SMNetwork's main server).

IP Addresses
The SMNetwork forum software logs the IP addresses of every visitor when they register, log-in, post or edit a post. IP addresses are visible to moderators and administrators for security purposes.

IP Addresses are also used on site as a means of enacting blocks against members who repeatedly violate the Community Standards.

IP Addresses of guests and members alike are checked against off-site security databases meant to identify and block malicious activity.

SMNetwork collects donations to offset server costs.  SMNetwork's parent company Cutefuzzy Multimedia is a commercial entity doing business in the state of Illinois and is not a non-profit.

When making a donation via Paypal you are required to disclose the name on your bank account or credit card to the SMNetwork administrator only. This information is not shared with any other parties.

Account Security
SMNetwork provides access to a secure server for those who are browsing on shared connections that may be susceptible to session hijacking. You can switch over to it at any time by browsing

Even with the secure server, it is recommended that members who travel often or find themselves using public shared connections either use a password that is different from the rest of their more sensitive accounts, or create an alternative account that is disposable and used in situations where encrypted transfer would otherwise be preferred.

SMNetwork tracks traffic using Piwik open source web analytic software. This software may place a tracking 'cookie' on your computer that can inform site owners of your hardware and browser profiles as well as your location and ISP.  This information is used for the following purposes:

1) Determining the constraints and parameters for new features that will best serve the membership, e.g., monitor size, browser choice, plugins.
2) Providing feedback to site staff as to which topics are most useful to the membership.

At no time is Piwik data shared with any outside party beyond the SMNetwork staff and admininstrators. Piwik software was chosen because it does not reveal members' personal information to any other outside sources that could break the chain of data privacy.

Members and visitors may opt out of SMNetwork's tracking below.