Registered members are welcome to upload forms here.  Guests may view forms but not add any of their own.  Please be aware that this means that any web surfer will be able to access and download your forms.  If you wish to send a form to a member in confidence, you may do so in a Private Message.  Attachments may also be added in other forums, but this particular forum is designated as a repository of reference materials.

What is okay to post here:
1. General forms
2. Useful documents (contracts, posters, Rules, etc.)
3. Other files that may be of use to fellow members as reference material.

What is not okay:
1. Personal photos
2. Resumes (Submit them to the resume browser.)
3. Stuff that does not pertain to stage management/theatre.

Acceptable file formats:
doc (Word)
xls (Excel)
odt (Openoffice Writer)
ods (Openoffice Spreadsheet)
gif (Image)
jpg (Image)
pdf (Acrobat)
png (Image)
txt (plain text)
zip (zipped files)
fp3 (Filemaker Pro)

How to post a form:
1. Choose the category where your form fits the best.  If there is no category that works, you may create a new one.
2. Reply to your chosen category.  You can leave the Subject field blank. Set your tags.
3. In the Attach box, browse your hard drive to find the file you wish to upload.
4. Add a brief descriptive text including the purpose of the form and the format (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)
5. If you are posting someone else's form, please give credit to the original source.
6. Click Preview or Post, depending on your level of confidence.   :)

If you find a virus:
Report the post in question to the moderator.  We will examine and then remove the file in question.

A word about licensing and distribution:
Please be aware when uploading forms to SMNetwork that you are releasing   them into the wild for distribution to anyone and everyone who   registers and visits this section of the site - as well as their future students, assistants, coworkers and friends.  If you are not comfortable with potentially seeing your paperwork used in all settings - non profit, commercial, educational, government, military, etc. - then do not upload your form.

SMNetwork, its members and its staff do not claim ownership of any uploaded files - they remain your property.  However, once they are outside the confines of this site, they are beyond our control.

Sanitize your forms:
Also make sure when uploading forms, especially contact sheets, that all personal and private information is removed and replaced with either placeholder text (e.g., "Name" "Phone number" "Fax Number") or dummy information (e.g., "Joe Smith" "(555) 555-1212" "Prop #1").  If the form is NOT your original creation, please check with your original source before posting.  It may also behoove you to convert your paperwork to PDF and license it (Creative Commons is a great place to start!) before uploading it if you have the ability to do so.