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Sample intermission scene shift form in Word format. Original form created by Rob Satterlee.

Scene shift diagrams in Powerpoint format.

Summary scene shift schedule in Excel format.

Sample of a basic run-crew movement sheet. Names and movement are from my high school production of "The Laramie Project".

EDIT: In Excel format.  --PSMK

Attached are two versions of the same shift plot for a production of Hello, Dolly.  The one organized "by scene" was the original worksheet we created during paper tech to make sure everything that needed to be shifted was included. 

Then the data was re-sorted, this time "by crew," and some of the columns were swapped, in order to create a version which could be posted for quick reference backstage.  We also cut this version apart and gave each crew member a single slip of paper listing all of his/her shift responsibilities.

Excel format.


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