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Actor/Scene breakdown attached in Excel format.

Actor/Scene breakdown in PDF format.

Entrance and Exit chart for "Meet Me In St Louis," in Excel format.

Note: the symbol legend is in the footer of the document.  Symbols used are listed below, but obviously you could select your own.

< = entrance
> = exit
<> = entrance and exit on same page
OS = lines delivered offstage

Here is a scene/character breakdown that I did for a new play with most of the cast playing multiple roles.  It can easily be adapted into an entrance/exit plot.

I apologize if this ends up as a duplicate post.  My browser has been acting up.

Anyway.  I just finished a production of Serious Money by Caryl Churchill.  20 actors, 50+ characters, 20some scenes.  I created this character map to keep track of character doubling and scene breakdowns.  I used it to help create rehearsal schedules and costume tracking and quick change info.

Enjoy. PDF format.  The whole document is too large so here's just Act I.


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