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The Naughty List of Advertisers Wot Have Annoyed the SMNetwork Staff


Here at SMNetwork we try our best to make our advertising policies obvious and easy to follow.

Unfortunately some advertisers (especially developers of Ipad & Iphone apps) have been missing the point over the past few years. In each case, a developer or other vested party has joined the site and posted a false "endorsement" of the application. Usually they post to several threads simultaneously.

Our excellent moderation staff usually whisks these nasty little posts out of your sight before they can do much damage, and I do my part by banning the offenders shortly afterwards. However, it's been said that our restrictive advertising policies and very efficient policing strategy don't allow for any promotion of new technology.

Therefore, in the interest of not letting these "hardworking" developers have their applications go unnoticed, here's the list of products advertised by developers who were too stupid to read the rules or too rude to abide by them.

SMNetwork encourages all stage managers to avoid these applications/products and ensure that their developers do not see a profit from them. Shady marketing tactics should not be rewarded!

Let's hope this list stays nice and short.

1. StageWrite - ipad application - fake endorsement by hired shill, advertising without permission, links in first post
2. StageCue - ipad application - false endorsement by developer posing as stage manager, spamming multiple threads, advertising without permission, links in first THREE posts
3. Run The Show - ipad application - advertising without permission, links in first post

We've got a new member to add to this list of poorly marketed products that stage managers and their production teams should avoid:

Shoflo - Web app - failure to disclose affiliation, links in first post, promotional information in first post, post created by an advertising exec with no experience in stage management.


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