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Samsung Tablet for Prompt/Cues


Hey all! I have finally decided to update myself into the techno world (yes im 34 and hate computers...). I purchased a Samsung Tablet, but now i dont know how to use it! Are there any apps for easy upload of scripts, documents, and what not that allows me to mark them and make notes like i do in my promp script and cue script?

I bought a Samsung Tablet and after six weeks returned it. I found that I didn't need it as much as I thought. I use an Excel spreadsheet for cues and prompts. Column 1 is the script page number. Col 2 is the character name, Col 3 is the text, col 4 is the Cue/prompt. Once we get everything finalized script-wise, I remove the Page column and add a column for notes, etc. During initial rehearsals, I will have a blocking column instead of the cue column. You can duplicate a sheet and label a tab for each rehearsal day and change blocking, script at will. That way if the director says what did they do yesterday? You can tab over and find it relatively easily. You can do all that on a tablet, but I wanted it for the pen feature on the "Notes" app. It wasn't as helpful as I thought. A relatively new laptop will get you there for less money.

Mac Calder:
I tend to find that a tablet is not the best for marking up documents - I don't SM traditional theatre much any more, but I do undertake many similar tasks in my day to day - including marking up of construction documents, documenting meetings etc. Paper is still the best when it comes to  markups that need to be done quickly and accurately. Where a tablet comes in really handy is for all that stuff you may need to quickly reference.

OneNote  is excellent for pretty much everything you would traditionally keep in the front of your bible - it can also be shared with password protected sections - so you could make it generally available and then lock specific sections for just you - or your SM team for example.

My tablet is at work, so I will check Monday to see what one I use, but an app that lets you annotate over PDF's and photos is really handy. - the ability to take a quick photo and then draw some quick arrows on it and send it through along with a request is really handy... or even just for keeping notes yourself.


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