Author Topic: PROPS: "Bombinos" (Balm in Gilead)  (Read 2118 times)

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PROPS: "Bombinos" (Balm in Gilead)
« on: Sep 20, 2010, 10:17 am »
I'm hoping someone else who has done this production or is really up on their 60s drug references can help. :)

The lead guy is starting to deal drugs and at one point pulls out a "bombino." We know it's a way of packaging/selling heroin, but I can't find any photos or sense of what it looks like beyond what's said in the script. Here's the info I've got:

DARLENE: What is that, an hourglass?
DARLENE: How's it work?
JOE: There's a jolt in each side. And you break it open, see, and take a tube, a needle, and a--
DARLENE: A needle? Oh God, I thought that's what-- (JOE makes a motion injecting it into his arm.) That's terrible! That just makes my knees weak!

Anybody got any ideas?
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