Author Topic: Avoiding the gross buildup in non-draining water coolers  (Read 2742 times)

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Okay, you know how NO ONE seems to realize that the water coolers (the ones with a big plastic jug on top) don't actually have a drain?  Whether planned (by dumping) or unplanned (by drippage), water ends up in those little grated areas below the spout, and if someone like us doesn't come through and clean out the moldy/slimy build up, in just stays there and is disgusting.

Well, at the last theatre I was in, someone had come up with what I thought was a brilliant idea.  They took a piece of Marley as wide as the "drain" area, and cut some holes (or at least a hanger area - it might have been more like a hook than a hole) to go around the spigots...and then the piece of Marley angled down and OVER the non-drain thing, and straight into a wastebasket they'd sat below it all.  I thought it was a FABULOUS solution and had to share.


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Re: Avoiding the gross buildup in non-draining water coolers
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Tis not a bad idea. What we did for our one at work is to drill a hole in the bottom edge of the side facing out, and put in a bit of thin plastic tubing, a bit of silicone to seal the hole and then down into a floor drain.