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Travel Stipend/Reimbursement (LORT)
« on: Mar 23, 2007, 03:46 pm »
Okay, So I'm looking at taking a couple of gigs (1 under LORT, 1 under LOA to LORT) that are far from my home - about a 50 mile drive each way.  As I recall, there is a rule that if you have to commute more than (I think it's) 35 miles to work, that the theatre has to give you a travel reimbursement (I think it basically uses the federal rate).  It's never been an issue for me before but I know I've seen it in one of my contracts somewhere and I know it's been an issue for actors I've worked it.  I just can't seem to find it.  I'd like to do the LOA gig but with the price of gas, plus bridge tolls, I'd spend about 1/4 of my salary just getting me to and from the gig.

(Yes, I know, call equity, but I'm picking your brains first.)


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Re: Travel Stipend/Reimbursement (LORT)
« Reply #1 on: Mar 23, 2007, 04:24 pm »
is this LOA to LORT D? I don't have the mileage in my head (VSM?) but it's around 30-40 miles - and you can negotiate a stipend for gas or mileage above the salary - (common sense - mileage will be more money but if the company can't afford it you won't get it) - estimate how much it will cost you in gas and time to do the RT (in traffic? on a freeway? sidestreets? what's your mpg?etc) and walk in the door with the a reasonable figure based on your own research. (Know your range, ask for the high end, know what the low end is.) Some companies are intimidated by the rule books and depending on what kind of concession they negotiated and how close your salary is to full LORT you will know what kind of compromise makes sense to you that they will accept.

And are you willing to do this if they don't offer you a gas stipend?