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Hey all,

A bit of an odd request here, admins please feel free to delete this if it isn't kosher.

I do consulting work for some small off-off-Broadway theatres in Manhattan. One company recently cheerfully told me that it's "fine to use equity actors" for non-union, uncontracted work on small workshops and readings, and that "we pay them all the same." They are very firm in their belief that they are doing nothing wrong, and I'm casting a wide net to get quotes from AEA members on their thoughts regarding this, and will be bringing anonymous quoted opinions to their next board meeting.

Can you please respond to this post with your thoughts? If you don't want to be quoted, I will absolutely not use your words. This is an older company who tends to use the same people over and over, and I think outside voices would do them some good.

If you could voice your thoughts on this with your reasoning and experience in the industry (which can be as vague as "I work as an AEA stage manager"), I would deeply appreciate it.

Many thanks.

This has been a bone of contention among many AEA actors and SMs. Speaking as one who's done some, it's true that I have donated the occasional reading for specific reasons/causes, but no, I am a union SM and I expect to be paid for my time and labor. If I choose to waive it, that's on me. But you'd better offer.


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