Author Topic: Time lapse of stadium conversion from hockey to basketball  (Read 1374 times)

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So I know sports aren't a main thing for a lot of you. For those of you who are unaware, Chicago currently has a basketball team (the Bulls) and a hockey team (the Blackhawks) in the respective season playoffs. The two teams both play home games at an arena called the United Center. The changeovers are rapid and thorough, with other events mixed in. At one point last month they had to do basketball -> hockey -> basketball -> rock concert -> basketball -> hockey in the span of a week.

Our local paper, the Chicago Tribune, recently posted this neat time lapse and explanation of how the United Center deck crew handles the 2 hour changeover from ice to wood and back again. I thought it might be of interest for those of you who are curious about "backstage" work in arenas.


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Re: Time lapse of stadium conversion from hockey to basketball
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Very cool - thanks for sharing!