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Welcome to the Green Room forum.

Just like the green room at your theatre, this is a place to come and socialize with the other theatre folk, talking about all sorts of subjects.  It's a relaxed forum; a place with no real "rules" other than the obvious need to be respectful.

Popular topics have included:
* favorite jokes, stories or anecdotes (theatre related or not)
* how to be a working stage manager and maintain a boyfriend/girlfriend/family/a life/your health
* what you do when you aren't stage managing

There are some new forums, so check out if your post is better suited to one of those.  A question about applying for a job is best posted in "Employment"; but once you've got the gig and are looking for housing, good restaurants or observation opportunities while you're in town, those kinds of queries are right at home in the green room!

Again, Welcome!  :)

You may notice that I've "sticky'd" a few of the great and popular discussions we've had here in the Green Room.  Now they are at the top for easy finding...

As Michael and tempest_gypsy take over as moderators of the Green Room, can I get a big shout-out to nmno for busting her butt in here for the past 2+ years?

zayit shachor:
Hip hip!


Thanks nmno!  :)

Yay!  8)


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