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Thanks so much, you've done really well!


Please let me introduce myself. My name is Rebekah Kanduth and I work at the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts. I was wondering if anyone would like to respond to a statement made to one of my stage management students by a sound designer that stage managers are not artists but rather only service persons who have no artistic value in the mounting of and calling of a show.  The argument was that stage managers are told what to do (given cues, assignments, desk work, cue placement ) and therefore do not artistically contribute to productions.  It was argued that calling is not an art.  They were told that the stage manager is not an artist and should not ever think of themselves as such.  I would like to present them with a few different views on this subject and am hoping that you may be able to assist me in responding to them.  Thank you in advance for your time. 
Rebekah Kanduth

Rebekah, we've discussed this several times recently. I recommend you try using the search for "creativity" and you should find a ton of debates on the matter. Thanks for joining us - feel free to point your students towards some of those threads for further discussion.


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