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Trivia Tournament IV: Trivia's Revenge!!

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Another new year, another new trivia thread!  Since the old one has reached 10 pages, we will start anew for 2012.  This is a great chance if you haven't played before to test out your wits against other SM's!!

If you're new to SMNet, here's the instructions for playing trivia:

To play, click here

Please register over there with the same username there as you use here so you can be tracked in the standings.

To quote PSMKay -
"To register, you will need the tournament password.   Use the same password as you use for the SMNetwork resume browser.  The one that starts with the letter f.  The password is visible on the main page of smnetwork in the descriptive text of a forum that is visible only to registered, logged in members.  Please do not PM the password or post the password publicly.  The hints that have been given so far in this post should be more than sufficient for figuring it out.  The trivia tournament is TOUGH and figuring out the password is meant as a warm-up for you."

There's a different set of questions every day of the week.  Topics are chosen by a player in the top ten who hasn't picked topics in the past year.

site wouldn't open so I rebooted a couple of times, and when it finally opened and I took the quiz it said I took 255 seconds - yikes!

I tried several times this morning and it wouldn't ever finish loading.  And now I can't even access the site, so I think they must be having some issues today. 

There's an alert on the main funtrivia page saying that one of the web servers failed. They are working on it.

I just tried it, and it appears to be working, so hopefully they were able to fix the problem!


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