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Search error on website


Is anyone else having issues with the search feature on this site?
I've tried using the top right search box, which takes me to a blank page. I've also tried searching via the "search" tab on the upper left, which yields the same results. 

I've had this issue for a while now (using both Safari and Chrome). Help?

Thanks in advance.


I just tried it and it gave me an error message as well. 

I've been having the same problems for quiet a while.
What I've been doing recently is going to google and typing in "" then following that up with what I was going to search for. It normally brings me to threads I was looking for.

Mac Calder:
I generally go to google for searching any site to be honest - if you put "" in the search box it will limit results to pages that come from SMNetwork - which won't refine your results too much with this particular forum, but can really help with more popular forums/sites that you want to search.


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