Author Topic: Do you add a personal touch to your booth?  (Read 11969 times)

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Re: Do you add a personal touch to your booth?
« Reply #30 on: Sep 25, 2011, 09:55 pm »
I'm on a long running off-broadway show and I have a very light ASM track but I do have to interact with an audience member and ask him to remove pieces of clothing for a gag and direct him for the bit.

After getting quite a few characters, I've started making a tally of quirky occurrences such as: not speaking english (most common), not wearing shoes, not wearing pants, toupees, screamers, offering me money, etc.

Also since it seems we're settling in for awhile I am planning on creating a cozy area to sit and knit for the show (we already have a rug, currently planning a nice (gelled) floor lamp and an armchair)

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