Author Topic: 12 for 12 in 2012 (Thank you, 12!)  (Read 14417 times)

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12 for 12 in 2012 (Thank you, 12!)
« on: Jan 14, 2012, 12:13 am »
1. Thanks to the people who hired me for 3 shows simultaneously in late 1999. I forgot my costume measurement form on a day when I needed it. From this emerged a little website where I could keep my forms and access them in various locations across the city. Eventually that little site turned into SMNetwork, 12 years old today (Jan 14).

2. Thanks to the very excellent moderators and moderator in training!  These guys contribute immensely to keeping this site going. They not only keep the boards organized but also have the tough job of keeping the conversation lively and flowing. In true Autobot fashion, they double as beta testers and manage somehow not to wince openly when I show up saying "so guys, I've been working on this new feature..."

Class of 2012:           
Class of 2008:
Class of 2011:
Class of 2007:
Class of 2010:
Class of 2006:
Mac Calder
Class of 2009:
Class of 2003:

3. Thanks to all of the former moderators who have at various times worked "backstage" at SMNet:
BalletPSM, blantonRK, Candy0081, centaura, ChaCha, dchec2100, drummerdude, GalFriday, Jessie_K, KC_SM_0807, ljh007, megf, Michael (twice!), nmno, planetmike (almost...), sievep, tempest_gypsy, TrudyS (the very first moderator!) and zayit shachor.

4. Thanks to all of the support staff who help out around the place - RuthNY, cschott and damjamkato over in BTDT, ScooterSM in the Trivia Tournament, and lauria who formerly maintained the Links feature.

5. Thanks to all of the teachers and professors who have included SMNetwork in their curricula, spreading the word about us to the next generation of stage managers.

6. Thanks to all the students who have allowed the older members to remember what it's like to be new to the industry.

7. Thanks to all the pros who have dedicated their time and knowledge to keep this site vital and thriving.

8. Thanks to the industry authors who have mentioned us in their books, especially Lawrence Stern and Tom Kelly who have both visited with us in person and joined us in discussing the craft.

9. Thanks to all the members outside the US who understand that we're a little biased sometimes and take it with good humor and gentle reminders of how large the world can be.

10. Thanks to all of the very longterm members who registered in the first year after the forums opened in 2003, and are still active today:
Nick_tochelli (in his prior incarnation), Aerial, smejs, hbelden, themikejones, juliz1106, jaslada, goldbird, Deecap, David_McGraw, Scott, MatthewShiner, sievep, VSM, loebtmc, nmno, Maribeth, megf and dramachic5191.

8 years is a long time to belong to a website, and I know some of you were around even before that in the pre-forum era. I am so so grateful for each of you.

11. Thanks to all of the donors who helped us out of a very sticky situation in 2011 and ensured that SMNetwork would continue to exist on its own dedicated server for several more years.

12. Thanks to all the visitors who have shared the link, recommended the site, linked back to us, posted information, shared forms, suggested new ideas, and visited us for these past 12 years. All 13000 of you who visit (or 2000 of you who visit over and over and over again...) per month. Yes, YOU.  THANK YOU.

I'll be celebrating today by launching the internship review program beta test and having brunch with member CBT, who is in town on tour. I hope you all have an excellent day!
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Re: 12 for 12 in 2012 (Thank you, 12!)
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