Author Topic: Student SM Challenge #7: Portrait of the artist as a Professional Stage Manager  (Read 2934 times)

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In order for us to achieve our goals it is naturally important for us to know what those goals are.  As you work your way towards becoming a professional stage manager, it is necessary to define - at least for the moment - what the term "professional stage manager" really means to you.  The topic in the Green room about the definition of success is all well and good for the fully-fledged SMs out there, but what about those of you who are still learning?

This is a two part challenge.  For the first few weeks, we will keep it open only to students.  Tell us: When you picture a professional stage manager in your mind, what do you see?  What are they doing?  What is their routine?  Where are they working?  Who are they working with?

After a few weeks, once we've collected some of your thoughts, the challenge will open up to folks who are out of school to allow reactions based on what they've seen in the pro industry.

This SM's challenge is not meant to be ridiculous or condescending.  I am truly curious to find out what images you are working towards as you progress through your studies.
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