Author Topic: Stage Managing as an Actor  (Read 4874 times)

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Stage Managing as an Actor
« on: Oct 15, 2020, 11:58 pm »

I have been primarily on actor all of my life, but as of recent, I have begun branching out and discovering new areas of theatre I hadnít otherwise thought of pursuing. Stage Managing has been my main interest apart from acting, and I am looking for advice from any stage managers who also act.

I am wondering how I can pursue acting while balancing learning how to stage manage. With my main focus being acting, I still want to be cast in productions, but I also want to have enough opportunities as an ASM/SM. How would I go about making sure I can equal out continuing to act while also gaining enough experience as a stage manager?

Thinking futuristically, is there a way to be both a professional actor and stage manager? I realize both are huge commitments, but will I eventually have to choose one field over the other? And is pursuing another side of theatre even beneficial if I know acting is ultimately my priority?

I realize these are a lot of questions, so thank you in advance, but I would love for anyone who has pursued both acting and stage managing to speak on their experience. Much appreciated!