Author Topic: SM handbook for GU Theatre arts department (WA, DC)  (Read 2856 times)

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SM handbook for GU Theatre arts department (WA, DC)
« on: Aug 06, 2008, 11:46 am »
Hello Everyone.

Just moved from Seattle to DC to work at Gallaudet University as Shop foreman and Resident Stage Manager for their productions. They have given me a task, which is to create a Stage Manager Handbook, for future Student Stage Manager and outside Contract Stage Manager.
    I have created up to 14 pages so far. But I feel that lot of things are missing.  So here’s the question to Students and Pros in Smnetwork.

If you have electronic copy of your Stage Manager handbook that you are willing to sent to me via EMAIL ( please do not attach to your post in the forums, it will be too large)

Other things is… the Scope of work for every position that is in the Theatre Arts Department that I work at, I do not want Full Description of the each position but a summary of each.  I would like your opinion on the Scope of work, as I have few from the Faculty and Staff themselves.

Production Manager (Staff)

Technical Director (Staff)

Shop Foreman (Staff)

Stage Manager (Student/ Contractor)

Assistant Stage Manager/s (Student)

Director (anyone)

Costume Designer (Contractor)

Costume Assistant’s (Student)

Light Designer (Contractor or Staff)

Master Electrician (Contractor)

Electrician Assistant/s (Students)

Shop Construction Crew (Student Worker/ Lab Students)

Run Crew (Student Worker/ Lab Students)

Props Crew (Student Worker/ Lab Students)

Wardrobe Crew (Student Worker/ Lab Students)

Make-up Crew (Student Worker/ Lab Students)

Or any advice from the Students and Pros for any future Stage Managers that will be entering my Department in the futures.  ( I only have 3… want more… )  (Smiles)

also taking some of your ideas on books in other forums, and other stuff too.

Thanks in Advance!

Jacob Fisher
Gallaudet University Theatre Arts Department
Shop Foreman/ Resident Stage Manager