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Well we just started preparing for the Saskatchewan Drama Association's One Act Festival and I was just wondering what things should be included in my "holy grail"(SM Book) and what the most "professional" way to organize it and also ways to up my score for the festival.

So far I'm including a schedule, scene breakdowns, rehearsal reports, contact sheets(with emergency forms), set diagrams, my blocking book, and then a binded call book.  Am I missing anything crucial?  If so tell me.

Thank you in advance for your wisdom,
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I have reached point that my book now has a table of contents . . .

here is my table of contents for my current book.

First line is for the tab divider, listed documents are what is put in that section.

Tab Dividers for Stage Management Book  

o   Full Production Calendar
o   Actor Conflict Calendar

Contact Sheet
o   Full Contact Sheet (actors)
o   Full Contact Sheet (SM ver.)
o   Company List
o   Who’s Who
o   Final Contact Sheet (Closing)

Info Sheets
o   Company Info Sheets

Character Scene
o   Final Character/Scene
o   Scene Titles

Scene x Scene
o   Scene x Scene
o   Scene Timings

Daily Calls
o   At Closing Confirm all are in book
o   All weekly schedules are in the book from the run.

Production Reports  (this is my name for rehearsal reports)
o   At Opening, Confirm all are in book
o   All Production Meeting Minutes

Performance Reports
o   At Closing, Confirm all are in book

o   Understudy Bible
o   Understudy Char/Scene

o   Copies of Storyboards
o   Copies of Mini-ground Plans
o   Full Size ground plan (Closing)
o   Pictures (as needed)
o   Renderings
o   Rehearsal Costume Request
o   Item List
o   Quick Change Plot
o   Dressing Room Assignments

o   Final Prop List
o   Prop Pre-Set
o   Pictures (as needed)
o   Prop Cards (if possible)

o   Sound Plot
o   Music List
o   Sheet Music (as needed)
o   Copy of Recordings (as needed on CD)

o   Cue List
o   Cue Light Plot (on Map)
o   Cue Light Labeling (Diagram)

o   Copies of Fight Notation
o   Fight Notes
o   Weapons Notes
o   Blood Tracking

o   Copies of Dance Notation

o   EFX Cues
o   EFX Safety Concerns
o   EFX Blocking
o   Projection Tracking
o   Projection Images
o   Fire Tracking

Vocal Work
o   Pronunciation Sheet
o   Vocal Notes

o   Clean Copy of Calling Script (Closing)
o   Clean Copy of Blocking Script (Closing)
o   Old Pages

Script Changes
o   Master Cut List
o   Daily Cut Lists

Run Book
o   At closing, clean copy of run book.
o   Spike Chart
o   Top of Show Preset
o   Preset and Post Show Duties

AEA Info
o   Copy of Ballots
o   Copy of Election Results
o   Equity Correspondence

o   Copies of all Correspondence
o   Call Board Postings
o   Late Notices
o   Copies of Workman Comp Forms (Closing)

Notes from the Director
o   Copies of Notes from the Director

o   Birthday List
o   Distribution (rehearsal hall)
o   Distribution (E-mail)
o   Evacuation Form
o   Copy of the Program
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