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I am new here but I have been involved at my community theatre for about a year and a half now stage managing. I am a sophomore in high school. I was recently referred by a friend to a professional theatre as being a good stage manager and I think that they are considering me for a play. I am a little intimidated because I have never worked in that environment before. I would really love to hear some helpful advice on what the difference is between community and professional theatre stage management in all aspects, especially workload. For instance I have never made a "plot" before for props of lights or anything.

Thanks so much
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Moving from community to professsional
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If they have any shows going on now, or anyone who is currently working for them, see if you can get in to shadow this person.  Also see if you can see old copies of prompt books, or other paperwork that their previous stage managers have done for them.  Just to give you an idea what they might be expecting from you.