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Special Needs ASM Intern
« on: Aug 14, 2018, 08:06 am »
The theatre I am currently working in, is a small community theatre that strives to be inclusive to those that are mentally handicapped. They have 2 interns for this show - an ASM and Light Board Operator. They are to shadow us this show. Then will be more involved with the next show. Then actually run their 2 day Play Festival that is readings of plays by other mentally handicapped students. This is for a grant that they received.
We need to find a way for him to document his experience, we also want to make sure that when we know specifically what his duties are...that we are able to show him in pictures and in words..modeling etc... We will also be using a 3 strike system if there are behavior issues. We have the standard rules & regulations for them.
These are some of the duties that we have come up:
1. Before the rehearsal period begins, the ASM should help the Stage Manager set the stage with the needed scenery. Specific verbal, written, and pictorial instructions will be given to the Assistant Stage Manager
2. Before each rehearsal, the ASM should help the SM set out appropriate props for the rehearsal.
3. The SM will help the ASM learn how to document blocking and staging for the show
4. The ASM will help the SM place props and set pieces where they need to be before the show
5. After rehearsals and/or performances, the ASM should help the SM put things away

Has anybody ever done anything like this? Do you have any ideas on how we can help them towards the independence of their own show?