Author Topic: SCHEDULING: Definition of the Duties, Part 1: Calling rehearsals  (Read 2185 times)

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A new series.  There was a time when AEA published a handy list called "Definitions of the Duties of a Stage manager."  At the current time I cannot find a copy on the equity website, indicating to me that the original list may be obsolete (or varying between different contracts).  However, I did find an old copy over here. (note: PDF!)

I thought it might be worthwhile to step through each of those duties in turn and investigate how we've seen those duties interpreted in our experience.  I'll be popping up a new one of these every few weeks to mull over as a group.

The first one on the list?  An easy one.
Shall be responsible for the calling of all rehearsals, whether before or after opening.

How has this been interpreted on your various productions?  Broadly? strictly?  For those of you who are non-union, how often do your employers understand that this is your task?  What has happened when this duty is not the responsibility of the stage manager?  How do you go about accomplishing this smoothly?  What if you called a rehearsal and nobody showed up?  What if a rehearsal you called was deemed unnecessary by the producer?  How often do you call rehearsals after opening?  Feel free to discuss around these questions or make up some of your own, tying into this particular responsibility.
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