Author Topic: PRODUCING: Samuel French no longer allowing archival video??  (Read 2832 times)

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I came across an odd issue today with a show I am directing, and thought I would see if anyone had any insight.  (I searched the archives but didn't find anything on this.)

The production manager said that the rights contract strictly prohibits any audio or video recording of any kind. Not allowed for archival purposes, marketing, anything.  He said that they are doing this with many of their shows now.  The show is Thornton Wilder, so it isn't that it is new work or something controversial.

Has anyone come across this issue? It seems like it would be in Samuel French's best interest to allow at least some documentation of shows that they own the rights to.  I know that AEA has strict video rules, but I haven't ever run into a publisher who has this caveat in the contract.

I don't want to put a full performance on the web or anything like that.  It would be nice for the theatre to have an archival copy, and I was planning on using some recorded dialogue for an effect.  Does this mean that any words that are recorded can't be from the actual script?

Apologies if this sounds like kind of a rant.  It isn't intended that way.  I am just bewildered and fairly caught off guard by this.

I appreciate any input anyone might have!

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Re: Samuel French no longer allowing archival video??
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Do a quick search on you tube . . . and you can find many productions of shows or clips on line.  And you will see some pretty bad quality video of questionable quality productions.  It's probably in their best interest to limit the ability of shows to be video taped.

I think it depends on the level of licensing you are doing.  There is probably always a way, with more money, to get the ability to do a recording.

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Re: Samuel French no longer allowing archival video??
« Reply #2 on: Jun 20, 2013, 09:49 pm »
From their website:

Can I videotape my production?
Can I post short clips of the show on my theater’s website?
Can I make an archival recording of a performance?
Written permission must be obtained for all recording requests, regardless of the purpose or reason for the proposed recording. Please email us to inquire if recording rights are available and we will process your request. Please be aware that an additional fee may apply and that not all titles are available for video/audio recordings.