Author Topic: TECH: Best way to run Tech week/ Cue to Cue Rehearsal  (Read 2059 times)

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Hello all.

I will be going into tech week soon for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. We will have a live orchestra playing. I was wondering if any of you had a good way to keep everyone on the same page during that rehearsal. I will be dealing with actors, backstage crew, the lighting designer for light cues, and then the orchestra.

Any advice helps!! Thanks!

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Re: TECH: Best way to run Tech week/ Cue to Cue Rehearsal
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That's the hard part! You will be best off if you know how each department refers to things.

Actors - make sure that you listen to how the director communicates with your actors in rehearsal. Anytime that you hear "let's take it from XXX" write down what he calls "XXX" and where it is in your script/score. Familiar pick up points will be your best friend.

Orchestra - if you have a score with measure numbers and/or rehearsal figures, check ahead of time that your labels match with the conductor/orchestra director.

Crew - Have a system of knowing which cues your are between for every crew department. I like to keep this info on the back of the page opposite the page I am using. In my call scores, each back of a score page has the LQ at the top of the page that it faces in the top left corner, what spot lights are on which performers, and any other cues (rail, deck, elex, etc.) that are currently happening.

If you know of sequences that will be challenging and will likely need to be repeated, ask your director ahead of time if there are pick up points that he or she will suggest. Write all of the info that you will need to communicate to your cast and crew on a sticky note and have it ready in your book.

Happy Tech!