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System update Oct 12, 2011
« on: Oct 11, 2011, 03:44 am »
For those of you who caught it, thanks for bearing with me during our little 1 hour outage this morning. I try to do these things when very few people are visiting but sometimes I get caught by a few of you.

I have made the following changes:

1. The forum software has been updated with the latest security patches.
2. The chatbar has gone away as I personally can't stand the look of the footer bar and I'm not happy with the information it's sending back to Facebook. I'll find something else soon.
3. Members with fewer than 5 posts can no longer post active links. If you're a new member looking to link out, talk to us a bit first.
4. I'm experimenting with a new Related Posts feature. It searches through the board and suggests similar topics at the bottom of each page of posts. I have no idea how smart the searching is yet, we'll have to just try it and see.
5. In case you missed it from last week's update, we have a secure server now, accessible at
6. We also have a new privacy and intellectual property policy, tucked in with the rest of the site rules.

EDIT: Fixed link to secure site. Whoops!
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