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Restrictions by Post count
« on: Oct 19, 2008, 04:18 pm »
SMNetwork has a bit of a learning curve.  We do require that members follow the Community Standards for every post.  It's a good idea for all new members to read through the rules before joining, but we realize that not everyone finds them for the first few months as a member.  In the interest of not embarrassing new members, we have restricted some of the features until you have established yourself more firmly on the site and figure out how we run.

If you have registered but never posted, you will gain reading and posting access to all of the hidden boards.  You will be able to receive Personal Messages (PMs) but not send them.  You will not be able to post polls.

Once you make your first public post you will be able to send PMs.  You will be added to the "Just Joined" posting group and gain one star under your name.

Once you make your 16th public post you will be able to add polls to your own posts.  You will be added to the "New Member" posting group and gain an additional star.

Beyond that there are 3 other post count based groups but for the time being they're only for prestige.

Changes will be made to this post as restrictions are added and removed.