Author Topic: Changes in the mod team for April 2008.  (Read 3927 times)

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Changes in the mod team for April 2008.
« on: Apr 10, 2008, 04:08 am »
We've got a somewhat unconventional addition to the SMNetwork staff, effective immediately: kmc307 will be joining the Mod Team as co-moderator of Tools of the Trade.

Mac Calder, our current TotT moderator, has been given an offer he can't refuse - he will be joining Royal Caribbean on shipboard within a month.  (Yay, go Mac!)  We're all absolutely thrilled for him, but it means that he will most likely be unable to maintain his current level of commitment to the forums.

Mac has requested that he remain as moderator for as long as possible, but with a co-moderator to help when he's off in the middle of the ocean.  A co-moderator situation needs to be very close-knit, and as such Mac has chosen to select the person himself without an open call.

Please welcome kmc307 to the SMNetwork staff as a Moderator in Training.  As both are employed by RCCL now, (one on land and one at sea!) kmc and Mac will be able to work together seamlessly to keep Tools of the Trade running smoothly.  kmc will be in training for the next few weeks and will be able to start affecting TotT once he's done.

EDIT: kmc is a quick study!  He's out of training and into his co-modship today!
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